Chickpea Flour

Chickpea Flour is a necessity it my kitchen.

In different countries, it is referred to as

  • gram flour
  • besan flour
  • garbanzo flour

It is a wonderfully versatile gluten free flour, best used in a mix with other gluten free flours. It has a heaviness when still raw, but once cooked, it rises beautifully; it creates a light texture and a rounded flavour for gluten free muffins, breads, flat breads and as a thickener for sauces.

High in protein. Low glycaemic index. It’s just this kind of ingredient that helps us build gluten free flour mixes into a similar nutritional profile as wholewheat flour.

It is very tasty with a distinctive flavour that bursts through a recipe.

As it is a little bitter on its own, I always add 2 tsp of a sweetener (eg. manuka honey or xylitol) per cup of chickpea flour.

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