I Love…

… for Health and Happiness

a list that will grow and grow


These are all products I buy or sites that I visit for my own enjoyment.

These are not sponsorships and I have no commercial arrangements with them.


Foodies, Blogs, Recipes I love

Hemsley and Hemsley

Sarah Wilson (and also on this same link, Sally Fallon!)

Smitten Kitchen

Not Quite Nigella


Health Info sites I love

Fed Up

The Sulphite Connection


Groceries and Stores I love

Bob’s Red Mill

Healthy Supplies UK and Infinity Foods Organic Gluten Free Flours

Crayve (Organic, safe treats for when you’re out and about. Muffins, loaves of carrot cake and banana bread. wonderful)

St Helen’s Farm Goat’s Milk Products

 Woodland Dairy for Sheep’s and Goat’s Milk Products

The Grocery in Kingsland Rd is my local health food grocer. I also love Harvest, further north on Kingsland Rd. in Dalston, and Earth in Kentish Town.


Australia: Products I love

Deeks Bakery

Orgran – gluten free baking products

Meredith Dairy for Sheep’s and Goat’s milk products


It’s very hard to find sausages – even organic – which do not have added sulphites. If you make them, please let me know!


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    Lovely meeting you and having a long chat
    Do you know http://www.101cookbooks.com? I really like that website.
    I will have a closer look at your bread recipe after the holiday
    Merry Xmas

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