Roe or Caviar

Roe is basically a superfood (I use that term without a specific definition for it, but read on and you shall see!). It’s an excellent source of:

Vitamin C; Thiamin, Riboflavin, B12; Folate, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) and trace minerals Potassium, Phosphorous and Selenium.

Potassium is incredibly important, as it is vital to balance your intake of Sodium and Potassium, so they are equal to each other.

If you can increase your Potassium intake, you can spend less time worrying about decreasing your Sodium intake.

This is an excellent ingredient or snack for anyone with auto-immune issues, sulfites sensitivity or thyroid issues (the selenium supports thyroid function in several ways including helping your body turn T4 into T3).


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