Gluten Free Flours

This page is in the process of being created. A lot of detail will follow. Some quick notes for now!

When you’re new to cooking gluten free, it’s really hard to know how to substitute flour in classic recipes. Here are some of my favourite gluten free flours.

The challenge is to find a combination of flours that raise the protein and fibre levels of your baked goods, as gluten free – when using solely rice flour for instance – can be very bad for your blood sugar levels!

  • buckwheat flour is my go-to gluten free flour.
  • quinoa flour cooks into a good consistency but has quite a particular aroma which can be overpowering
  • chickpea flour makes a great, light-textured, tasty bake, but has a bitter aftertaste on its own (I always add a tsp maple syrup, honey or molasses per cup of chickpea flour to every recipe)
  • brown rice flour – better fibre content than the high GI rice flour
  • amaranth flour – a pretty good match for plain flour
  • teff flour – wonderful, light, wholegrain, a brilliant flour.
  • lupin – I use sparingly. it’s flavour is strong and on its own too much.
  • millet flour
  • organic potato flour
  • cornstarch
  • cornflour
  • tapioca flour
  • arrowroot flour

Flours with particular uses and flavours – I’ll fill in details and provide recipes, so stay tuned or sign up to find out when it’s ready!

  • bean flour (makes a great, high protein dip)
  • coconut flour (use in baking or to make pancakes, or to dust/coat things for frying)
  • yam or taro flour (also known as fufu flour – make yam cakes, chinese new years noodles and delicious savoury cakes as found in dim sum/yum cha)
  • plantain flour

Nut meals that bake deliciously

  • almond meal
  • hazelnut meal
  • pistachio meal

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